SPM TWS 600S Triplex Mud Pump


The SPM™ TWS 600S HD pump is specifically engineered to reduce downtime due to maintenance while improving rod load and high pressure capabilities. The heavy duty design is built with quick and practical maintenance in mind, while supplying 6% higher rod load at pressures of 15,000 psi utilizing a 3-inch plunger and 20,000 psi utilizing a 2.5-inch plunger. The SPM™ TWS 600S HD pump is designed to eliminate contamination from pumping media into the power end, extending pump component life. Retrofit kits are available for customers currently operating SPM™ TWS 600S pumps. Customers are able to update their units to the latest technology without the capital investment of a completely new unit.

Design Features and Benefits
•Increased rod load by 6%* to achieve 15 ksi rating with a 3-inch plunger or 20 ksi with a 2.5-inch plunger
•Eliminated fluid end proppant contamination potential in the power end greatly increasing power end seal life
•Removed 10 lbs (7%)* of reciprocating weight per cylinder while maintaining or improving design safety factors
•Improved lubrication through the use of a ported crankshaft and ventilated shell bearings
•Reduced maintenance time by not having to remove the diaphragm seal in order to remove the packing nut
•Contamination of the power end is also reduced* as the power end remains sealed during fluid end maintenance
•Knuckle bearing connecting rod design provides 7% more surface area for improved load transfer*
•Technology can be retrofitted into existing pumps without modification

Maximum brake horsepower input: 600 BHP
Maximum rod load capacity: 106,029 LBf
Stroke length: 6 in
Gear ratio: 4.610:1
Approximate length: 50 in
Approximate width: 53 in
Approximate height: 24 in
Approximate weight (dry, without suction manifold) 4,600 lb

We Supply Multiple Mud Pump Parts:

GARDNER DENVER: 1FXF172, 1FXG172, PZ-7, PZ-8, PZ-9, PZ-10, PZ-11, TEE, PAH
EMSCO: F350, F500, F650, F800, F1000, F1300, F1600, FB1300, FB1600, FC1300, FC1600
National: JWS 165, JWS 340/400, 7-P-50, 8-P-80, 9-P-100, 10-P-130, 12-P-160, 14-p-200, 14-P-220
OILWELL: A–350PT, A–560PT, A–600PT, A–850PT, A–1100PT, A–1400PT, A–1700PT
IDECO: T500, T800, T1000, T1300, T1600
Drillmec: 7T450, 7TS-500/600, 8T800, 9T1000, 9T1300, 10T1300, 12T1600, 14T2200
Lewco: W440, W446, W600, WH600, WH770, W1100, E447, E2200
Weatherford: MP-5, MP-8, MP-10, MP-13, MP-16
Russian: UNBT 950, UNB 600, 8T650, UNBT 1180, UNBT1180L, NBT 600, NBT 300, 3PN800-2200
SPM: 5ZB2500, 5ZB2800, TWS2250, TWS2500, TWS600S
Halliburton: HT-400, HT-446
Upetrom: 3PN-700, 3PN-1000, 3PN-1300, 3PN-1600, 3PN-2000
OPI: 30-D, 350-GD, 500-DC, 600, 700-HDL, 1000-HDL
American Block: K800, K1000, K1300, K1600, K2000, K2200
Soilmec: 7T500, 7T508, 8T650
TFI: F500, F800, F1000, F1300, F1600
BOMCO: F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, F-1600HL, F-2200HL
Honghua: HHF500, HHF800, HHF1000, HHF1300, HHF1600, HHF1600HL, HHF2200HL
QZ: SL3NB-160, SL3NB-1300, QZ3NB-350, QZ3NB500, QZ3NB-800, QZ3NB-1000
TSC: WF500, WF800, WF1000, WF1300, WF1600, WF2000, WF2200
LSNOW: 3NB-800, 3NB-1000, 3NB-1000C, 3NB-1300C