2″ low torque plug valve fig 1502 working pressure 15000 psi


1″, 2″ and 3″ plug valves with rated working pressure of 42 MPa, 70 MPa, 105 MPa, or 140 MPa (6000 psi,10000 psi,15000 psi,20000psi are available. The end connection can be of union or of LP or TBG thread. All the plug vlaves are made to USA standard, and can be connected with other similar products in the world. The repair kits can be interchanged with the same type of valves of SPM. Various models of plug valves and relevant repair kits for normal temperature, low temperature and sour gas conditions are available.

–The repairing and maintenance of valve body can be performed without being removed from the line, and no special tool is needed.
–The plug valves, treated with special coating process, have excellent performance in wear and corrosion resistances.
–Apparent open/close identification and position limiting mechanism are provided.
–Multiple opening devices are for your option.
L–ow operating torque, easy and flexlable operation.
–Special grease has the dual function of lubricating and sealing.

Plug valve-union connection
Temp. class: -29 C-121 C (Class PU)
-46 C-121 C (Class PL)
Application environment: Std. low temp. H2S
Manufacturing standard: API 6A & NACE MR 0175